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Moving Checklist from Birardi Movers in Old Bridge, NJ

Moving can be a stressful event in your life. Help reduce that stress by using our checklist prior to your move. Before you hire a mover, verify that the mover you are considering using is licensed by the state of New Jersey, like we are. Contact the NJ Regulated Business Section for Public Movers at (973) 504-6442 or (973) 504-6512
Birardi Movers, Inc. Pre-Move Checklist:

To help us serve you, please review the following Checklist in advance of your move:
Refrigerator-water lines disconnected
Washers and Dryers-all lines disconnected
Microwaves-remove and pack glass tray
Gas Grills-Propane Tanks must be disconnected and transported in your car.
Electronic Equipment:
Computer Equipment- Monitor, Tower, Scanner, and Keyboard-disconnected and boxed or moved by Owner in their car.
Electronic Musical Instruments-disconnected and boxed or moved by owner in their car.
Stereo Components (including speakers)-disconnected and boxed or moved by owner in their car.
DVD/VCR & Flat screen TVs- disconnected and boxed or moved by owners in their car.
Lamps and Lighting Fixtures:
Table lamps- remove bulbs, shades, and pack.
Floor lamps- remove bulbs. Glass and ceramic lamps should be pack.
Clocks/Glass Shelving/Mirrors/Hanging Wall Pictures:
Grandfather clocks must be prepared by the owner or a professional retained by owner. Weights and pendulums must be removed and packed separately.
Glass shelves and shelf pins should be packed by owner if time permits.
Mirrors/Hanging Pictures
Drawers—Only clothing may remain in your drawers (please do not over stuff the drawers). Everything else must be packed.
Clear the tops of all furniture pieces. Items should be packed.
Items from shelf areas in wall units and dressers must be packed.
Cartons and Boxes:
Please pack and move the following items yourself:
Valuables-such as jewelry, money, cameras, perfume, and collectibles.
Please be completely packed and ready to go.
Tape and seal all boxes—Mark them clearly.
Stack boxes on the floor away from large furniture and near the walls of the room, if possible. Stack as many as possible on the first floor or in the garage.
Keep Birardi Movers staff apprised of your packing material needs for the day of your move such as wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes on the moving day.
Please move all cars, debris, snow or ice from the front of your home where Our trucks will park and the movers will be carrying your household goods.
Keep hallways and traffic areas clear of boxes and cartons.
Please Note: Birardi Movers provides at an additional charge --- handling, packing or crating of TV, Lamps, Glass, Mirrors, Pictures.
** We are a small Family business so call any time-732-928-9597**
Always stay in contact with our office prior to your move. Inform them of your concerns, closing delays, and feel free to contact them regarding any questions.
In order to serve you more efficiently, please review all of the above before your moving day.
Thank You for selecting BIRARDI MOVERS.